Report of PACCS Executive Meeting – 19th January, 2019 – NPCpp Office, Dublin.

Present:                           Rebecca Hemeryck, President, Martina O’Shea, Vice President, Elaine Bell, Treasurer, Richard Matthews, Elizabeth Ryan, Enda Troy, Brendan Dennehy and Connie Carolan, Hon. General Secretary.

Apologies:                      James Connors

There were two invitations, Mental Health information nights and BTA Awards.  Richard agreed to attend mental health Lecture in Portrane.  His name will be passed to relevant person. Unfortunately, there was no one free to attend the BTA awards.

President’s Report:   The President reported that the main focus of her attention had been on the forthcoming changes in NPCpp, which is covered later in the minutes.

All relevant reports received from NPCpp had been circulated and queries from parents had been dealt with as they had arisen.

Website:                           Articles and news from the schools/regions are necessary to keep the site updated.  It was agreed that each member of the Executive would take responsibility to receive feedback from their Region and pass this on to PACCS.  The schools will be requested to send their articles to the nominated Executive member in their Region.

Dublin South:                                  Martina O’Shea and Elaine Bell

Dublin North:                                  Richard Matthews and Enda Troy

North East:                                        Rebecca Hemeryck

South East and Midlands:          Elizabeth Ryan

Munster:                                             Brendan Dennehy

Connaught:                                       James Connors

Ulster:                                                  Connie Carolan

NPCpp:                                                 The NPCpp nominees, Rebecca Hemeryck, Martina O’Shea, Brendan Dennehy and Elaine Bell, reported on the work of the Council of NPCpp.

Currently they have a representative on Senior Cycle Review, Junior Cycle Review and The Teaching Council together with representation on other bodies. The Council is professional and is currently heading towards ratifying the changes in their constitution which will entail each constituent body reducing their number of nominees – Year 1 – 3, Year 2 – 2 and finally Year 3 one nominee.  The constitution is ready to go before the Directors next meeting which is scheduled for 9th February, 2019.  All directors will resign on that date. The three PACCS Nominees selected are Rebecca Hemeryck, Brendan Dennehy and Martina O’Shea.

It was reported that all problems pertaining to school buildings would be passed to J. Sisk & Co. and should be dealt with shortly.

PACCS Conference:         The Venue for Conference 2019 is The Donahies Community School, Dublin, Dublin, 13.  It will be held on Saturday, 6th April.  The Theme is “The Family”.

Outline of Timetable – to be finalised at March Meeting.

09.00 – 10.00           Registration / tea, Coffee and scones.

10.00 – 10.15            Welcome – Principal or The Donahies C.S. and President of PACCS

10.15 – 11.15            Speakers:  Wellbeing, Insight Matters and Parents’ Charter – to be confirmed.

11.15 – 11.45            Tea/Coffee Break

11.45 – 12.45            Feedback and Questions

12.45 – 13.00            Lunch

13.00 – 14.00            Open Forum – State Examinations Commission, ACCS, Wellbeing, Secondary Schools Union, Speaker on Parents’ Charter.

14.00 – 15.00            Election of President followed by AGM

PACCS Future Plans:       It was agreed to encourage more members to join PACCS and following discussion, it was agreed that each member would endeavour to get at least one more person from their Region.

Report of PACCS Executive Meeting – 19th January, 2019.