Report from PACCS Executive Meeting – 15th September, 2018.

Present: Rebecca Hemeryck, Ashbourne, Enda Troy, Hartstown, Liz Ryan, Cashel, Richard Matthews, Donahies, Brendan Dennehy, Douglas and Connie Carolan Hon. Gen. Secretary.

Invitations:     Policy Forum – Martina O’Shea will attend

Feilte – Rebecca Hemeryck and Connie Carolan to attend the Saturday session.

Invitation to attend a P.A. meeting in Carrick on Shannon – As soon as the name of  a member of the Executive is agreed, they will attend.

Invitations from schools are always welcome. However, it takes time to arrange as all members are volunteers.

Request for ideas re speakers – PACCS are working on this and when completed it will be circulated to all schools.

Website:  Articles are always required to keep the site updated.  The main source at present is the ACCS Newsletter and the reports from the schools.

We encourage all our schools to submit articles and pictures for inclusion on the site.

Conference 2019:  The Donaghies Community School will be happy to host Conference 2019 and it was agreed that Rebecca Hemeryck and Connie Carolan would accept their invitation to attend their P.A. meeting on 9th October at 7.30 p.m.  Richard was thanked for bringing this to the Committee.  While we have no definite date for the event, it is hoped to have this in April.

NPCpp:  Rebecca reported that she had been very busy with meetings re the changing of the Constitution and Corporate Governance. Conference will be held in the Liffey Valley Hotel on 13th October. All parents are welcome.

President’s Report:  The President reported that as President of PACCS, she has had numerous meetings with the Presidents of the other Constituent bodies regarding the changes which hare being discussed within NPCpp i.e. Corporate Governance, Constitution, Conference, AGM. Documents from NPCpp have been circulated to the Executive and the schools from NPCpp.  This is to inform her on the thinking of the parents in the Community  & Comprehensive sector. She will welcome feedback.

The next meeting will be held in November.