This year it had been decided to change the format of the event. Compliments were paid to the speakers and the members of the panel and open Forum.  Each year this proves to be a very relevant part of our Agenda and initiates lively debate.   The facilities in Ashbourne Community School and the catering were also complimented. It was agreed that the new format was the way forward as was holding the event in a school.

We have been invited to hold our 2018 Conference in Donegal and following discussion, it was agreed that this was an excellent idea as it would bring the schools from the area to the Conference.  It was also agreed that the Conference would be held on the 1st weekend in March, 2018.

Election of Officers:

President:  Rebecca Hemeryck had been returned unopposed at Conference.

Vice President:  Martina O’Shea – proposed by Brendan Dennehy and seconded by Enda Troy

Treasurer:  Theresa Holohan – proposed by Elaine Bell and seconded by Deborah Timmons.  Since both members accepted the nominations, they were elected for the coming year.

PRO:  This was discussed and agreed that we would continue as in previous years with everyone having an input.

Future Planning:

Rebecca informed the meeting that she would hope to visit as many schools as possible in the coming year.  She would also welcome invitations from the Regions for their meetings. The Website needed to be updated regularly and for this we need input from our members.   

This is an issue in that the information is not getting through to the parents and we would like each P.A. to have its own specific email address rather than using personal addresses.

She also plans to meet with our Educational partners.

NPCpp:  Rebecca Hemerych, Brendan Dennehy, Martina O’Shea and Elaine Bell were all nominated to remain as PACCS Nominees on NPCpp for the coming year.