Rebecca Hemeryck, PACCS President, informed the meeting that her main aim was to continue the good work which had been started by the outgoing Executive.  She would envisage visiting the schools whenever and wherever she was invited.  She plans to travel to the Southern Region in the Autumn.  She would also hope to use the Website effectively.  Last year all the schools had been contacted and details requested.  To encourage replies a banner had been offered to two lucky winners – The Rosses and Ballinrobe had won them.  The Rosses had attended the Conference for the presentation and Ballinrobe had still to be presented. This will be arranged later.

She would also hope to meet with our Educational Partners, produce a term Newsletter, an agreed report after each meeting and update our Parents’ Booklet.

Election Of Officers: 

President : Rebecca Hemeryck – Elected at Conference

Vice President:  Dominic Leonard

Treasurer:  Theresa Holohan

PRO:  This position was discussed and agreed that all the Executive would be involved in this area.  Michele Leonard will work with Connie Carolan.

PACCS Conference 2016:  Everyone reported that the Conference had been both successful and enjoyable and proved PACCS right in their decision to return to a school.

Regarding the Open Forum, some members felt that this might work better if the questions were put forward by the delegates as they are registering and then taken from a question box.

Items for discussion at future meetings:-  Tablets, Books with E-book facility – parents need to be aware of this, Special Needs Co-ordinator, Free classes, ineffective teachers.