ACCS Convention:      PACCS had been invited to have a stand at the Convention and also have an advertisement in the Convention Handbook.

PACCS are very appreciative of this opportunity as members of parents’ associations are not eligible to attend unless they are elected members of the Board of Management.

President’s Report:    The main items covered are the progress with the changes in NPCpp and as is the case, all items requiring a response have been circulated to the members of the Executive of PACCS and PACCS parents.  However, there is usually a short timeframe for a reply and members need to check emails regularly as it will be taken that there is nothing to add or amend if no reply is received.

Conference:                Details of the Conference had been circulated to all schools and is posted on the Website.  All parents’ associations had been invited to send at least two parents.

The speakers had been invited and agreed to attend and representatives from the relevant Educational Partners had also agreed to sit on the panel of Open Forum.

Invitations to attend will be sent to all our Educational Partners and well as continued contact with our parents’ associations.

National Parents’ Council – pp:         The main business of the meetings has been taken up with the proposed changes to the Constitution, which has almost reached a satisfactory conclusion. It is with this in mind, that it was agreed, unanimously, at the last meeting to keep the present PACCS Nominees in situ until the new Constitution is in force. The reason being, that any new nominee would not be aware of the negotiations which had taken place and been agreed to get to this important stage.  Therefore, Rebecca Hemeryck, Martina O’Shea, Brendan Dennehy and Elaine Bell will remain as PACCS Nominees to NPCpp.

This is the final meeting before Conference and PACCS are urging parents to attend the Conference on 6th April next in The Donahies Community School, Dublin, 13.