PACCS Executive Meeting

The first meeting of the new school year has taken place and PACCS are busy making plans for the rest of our term of office.

Website: As is the case with all websites it needs updating on a regular basis.

We are aware from the members of our Executive that the activities in your schools are many and varied so do submit any news, articles, etc. from your schools that you feel would be of interest to other parents and we will put them on the site. Send to [email protected]

Annual General Meeting: We are planning our AGM and while we have a date, which is 16th April, 2016 we have not decided on a definite venue as yet but it will be in the midlands. Last year we ran a bus from Dublin and we would propose to do this again this year from other venues.

Contacts: Last year we requested the contact details of the officers of your parents’ association for our records and we will be doing this again over the next couple of weeks. We look forward to receiving this information as it allows us to keep you informed. Those schools P.A’s who return their contact details will be entered into a draw for a banner representing their schools parents’ association. The draw will take place in early December 2015. We will contact two lucky winners who will design their own banner. We will organise to have their banners made. These banners will be presented to the winners at the PACCS AGM on April, 16th, 2016.
NPCpp are holding their Annual Conference in Killarney in October and details of this will go up on the website as soon as they come to hand.

Since his election as President last March, Dave Fitzpatrick hopes to visit a number of schools and he would like to attend as many parents’ association meetings as possible. He would welcome the opportunity to attend either your parents’ meeting or your AGM, so do contact us and we will arrange it.