Community Awareness of Drugs (CAD) Course

Parents from St Tiernan’s Community School and St Olaf’s Primary School display their well-deserved Community Awareness of Drugs Certificate. This Community Awareness of Drugs (CAD) course ran over six weeks, one night a week, was held at St Tiernan’s Community School (initiated by Balally FRC). The course covered current information and up to date reports [...]

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Community Awareness of Drugs (CAD) and Family Focus

Community Awareness of Drugs (CAD) is a registered charity that provides comprehensive drug education services for parents and carers with over thirty years of experience. Family Focus is a six-session programme that promotes the role of the parent in preventing substance misuse issues in the family. The objectives of the programme are to provide parents [...]

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School Transport Scheme – Remote Area Grant

The following is intended to provide information on the Remote Area Grant. •    Purpose of the School Transport Scheme The purpose of the School Transport Scheme is, having regard to available resources, to support the transport to and from school of children who reside remote from their nearest school. •    Eligibility Criteria for School Transport [...]

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Education Welfare Act

Parent to cause child to attend school. 17.—(1) Subject to subsection (2), the parent of a child shall cause the child concerned to attend a recognised school on each school day. (2) A child shall not be required to attend a recognised school where— (a) he or she is registered in the register maintained under [...]

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