St. Tiernan’s C.S. Parent Association held their Annual General meeting on 24th October last.

Following addresses by the Parents’ Association and Principal, the Keynote speaker, Betty McLoughlin addressed the meeting.  She outlined changes in the Junior Certificate Programme and the importance of Wellbeing in Junior Cycle.

She spoke on the six indicators of Wellbeing – Active, Responsible, Connected Resilient, Respected and Aware.

She stressed the importance of making sure that everyone – students, parents and teachers – have a common understanding of what wellbeing means and what the six indicators mean for young people.

They are no goals or targets to be reached.  The journey towards wellbeing will never be complete and will always involve ups and downs.

It is, often, through dealing with obstacles and set-backs that people grow.

In conclusion, there was a question and answer session where she took numerous questions from the floor.

For further information on this programme, she informed the meeting to go to and

Connie Carolan, Hon. General Secretary, PACCS